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St George’s, University of London is the UK’s only university dedicated to medical and health sciences education, training and research. 



In 2017 St George’s produced a student experience initiative which tied together how St George’s has improved the student experience and how students can help the University make further progress. A direct result of the project is the “You Said / We Did” results campaign of 2018. This is the showcases the vocal student feedback on issues/problems they identified and highlights the areas in which improvements were made.


The “You Said/We Did” project serves as a strong visual presence on campus and online to demonstrate the university’s on-going commitment to improvement and listening to student concerns.


Design Goals

The campaign utilised the St George branding colour palette and typeface. It focused the student feedback into a clear design that showcased the changes/improvements that were implemented. The design worked well across print and digital mediums, as well as being adaptable for both long and short messaging. The simple, flat illustration style kept the message focused and to the point. It conveyed the message in an eye-catching and easily digestible manner. The overall design is crisp, uncluttered, simple and flexible. 


The campaign has won the following awards: 

  • 2018 UCDA Award of Excellence for Integrated Campaign

  • 2019 CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Bronze for Strategic Communications: Public Relations and Community Relations Projects

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