University College London (UCL) has one of the oldest students' unions (founded in 1893) in the United Kingdom: UCL Union (UCLU). With over 38,000 members, the Union was struggling to engage the student body and present a clear and consistent message about their services, purpose, and impact. One of the clearest indicators of this disconnect was students often confused UCL (the university) with UCLU (the students’ union).


As a result, the Union decided to embark upon a pathway to give their members something they could connect with and truly feel proud to be part of. Pickle Jar Communications brought together a team to create a full rebrand including comprehensive visual identity development, messaging framework and campus wide implementation. 


I was to be the lead creative and was tasked with developing a new visual identity system, brand framework, templates and art direction of new photographic direction. The system had to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications, including banners, flags, signage, uniforms, environments, merchandise and traditional print and digital promotion. The visual identity brought a clear identifying appearance and consistent voice and tone to a wide array of communications. Most importantly, it served the entire Union community bringing unity to their brand.

Together, we produced a detailed brand and editorial guidelines to help ensure everyone in the Union was able to implement the new identity easily, and then trained in-house departmental brand champions on implementing the brand, messaging and content strategy.


This project was done in conjunction with:

Students' Union UCL Team:

  • Alexander Mckee, Head of Student Engagement and Communication

  • Guy Stepney, Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Owen Buck, Graphic Designer

The visual identity has been honored to win a 2018 UCDA Award of Excellence for Identity Program as well as a 2018 CASE Circle of Excellence Gold Award for Visual Identity.