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St George's, University of London is the UK’s only dedicated medicine and health sciences university. Sharing a site with a major London hospital, they integrate research, education, and healthcare practice.


I was commissioned to design the St George’s, University London Strategic Report and supporting marketing materials which presents the strategic priorities for the next 5 years for the institution under their new principal, Professor Jenny Higham. It needed to simply and elegantly display the mission, vision and positioning of St George’s. 


The design strengthened the university’s brand with the use of it’s core colour palette and clean typography. Visually we chose to emphasize the community by showcasing the students and staff through the use of large, beautifully shot photography that was specially commissioned for the project. The design was kept simple, clear, and elegant.

Design and art direction: Beth Elzer
Photography: Dave Guttridge, The Photographic Unit

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