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St George's, University of London is the UK’s only university dedicated to medical and health sciences education, training and research. It shares a clinical environment with a major London teaching hospital.


Key goal

To produce a campaign which educates the St George’s audience on the availability of alternative stairwells to encourage better traffic flow and quicker access between the floors.


Most “Take the Stairs” campaigns encourage people to add physical activity to their day as the core message. As young medical personal will know, physical activity is important to overall well being, so that approach is ultimately “preaching to the choir” and one that they see frequently already. 

Instead, the campaign taps into the frustration the audience feels when they encounter congestion in traffic flow and long wait times to use the elevators. There is only a short window of time between classes, so "saving time" was promoted as the core message to significantly change behaviour patterns of the St G audience. 



The design uses the core St George brand blues as the dominate colour, while adding bright reds and yellows as key accents. The illustration is flat and bold with added hand-drawn textures to enrich the scenes. Stairs are a major visual in the art with a large variety of small people moving in both directions to showcase the ease using this form of travel.


The campaign has been honored to win a 2018 UCDA Award of Excellence for Environmental Graphics.

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