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The Dangoor Reach Out Makerspace is a creative and supportive space dedicated to independent young people who are curious, inventive, and enjoy learning. It has been based in the White City campus of Imperial College London since 2017. To celebrate five years of operations, the team at the Makerspace decided to make a book to share practical insights, advice, tips, projects, and inspiration with teachers and pupils in their journeys to becoming creators and innovators. 

I was brought on to help with the strategy during the development of the 100+ page book. After the structure was established, I was commissioned to design the manual to create an exciting, inviting, and interesting illustrated publication that both students and teachers would find engaging.


It needed to be visually appealing, but most importantly allows the content of the book to take center stage. Bold colours, fun flat illustrations, and strong typography bring clarity and structure to the pages.


Managing Editor: Kate Mulcahy

Project Coordinator: Savannah Hersov

Scientific Editor: Becky Ham

Design/Illustration: Beth Elzer

Winner: 2022 CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Medal
Category: Design | Publications

Judges comments

The Makerspace Kit packaged with the manual makes this a standout. Suitable for audience members of all ages, the illustrations, photos, and easy-to-read format contributed to this submission's overall appeal.

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