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The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is a global professional association serving educational institutions and the advancement professionals who work on their behalf in alumni relations, communications, development, marketing and allied areas. 

To mark its 10th birthday in the Asia-Pacific region, CASE  brought together 10 global higher education leaders to develop 10 big ideas. Higher education faces unprecedented challenge in today's world. At such a time of global uncertainty, universities matter now more than ever.

I was commissioned to develop the branding for this prestigious event. I designed a minimal cube that is “open” in the center. Behind it, a shadow rests giving a sense of dimension to the mark. The openness of the cube reflects the open dialogue of the meeting — where open minds and open ideas are shared. It symbolises an open window to the future. 

The attendees were high profile global HE leadership: university presidents, provosts, CEOs, and vice-chancellors. The look needed to reflect a polished, confident tone that was suitable for this audience — it was not over-designed, but has a clean minimalism. The subdued elegance lets the visuals work across a variety of mediums in print and multimedia for a consistently clean application.

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